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  • Improving Anatomical Plausibility and Auditing Fairness in Deep Segmentation Networks – Dr Enzo Ferrente – COMPASS Feb 2024

    Title: Improving Anatomical Plausibility and Auditing Fairness in Deep Segmentation Networks Abstract: The evolution of deep segmentation networks has empowered the enhancement of extensive medical imaging datasets with automatically generated anatomical segmentation masks. In this talk we will discuss recent methods we proposed to improve anatomical plausibility in deep segmentation networks. By improving anatomical plausibility, we…

  • SPARK 2.0: Application Now Open

    The inaugural SPARK Academy, in collaboration with McMedHacks, supported by McGill University Graduate Mobility Awards and Compute Canada, took place from April 3rd to August 31st, 2023. The program focused on addressing the pressing issue of cancer diagnosis in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), with an emphasis on preparing trainees to participate in the 2023 MICCAI brain tumor segmentation challenge (BraTS). SPARK 2023…

  • Join MAI Lab as a Paid Intern in 2024

    About MAI Lab: The Medical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MAI Lab) based in Lagos, Nigeria is at the forefront of cutting-edge research, aiming to revolutionize healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa through the integration of medicine with artificial intelligence. Our multidisciplinary team is committed to advancing knowledge, addressing healthcare disparities, and promoting innovation in medical technology. About the…

  • Contribute your MRI Data for BraTS-Africa 2024

    Dear Esteemed Researcher, We are delighted to contact you regarding an exciting opportunity to join us in the BraTS-Africa 2024 research collaboration. This is a part of our continuous effort to promote brain imaging research in Africa and improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders in the region. BraTS-Africa is the first Brain Tumour…

  • MAI Lab Scientist wins International Prize for Brain Tumour Segmentation

    Maruf Adewole, the Lead Physicist and Lab Manager at the Medical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Lagos, Nigeria, has won the International Trainee Prize at the 5th Annual Neuro Open Science in Action Symposium 2023. The prize recognizes his innovative work on creating a brain tumour imaging dataset from sub-Saharan Africa for machine learning applications. Adewole’s…

  • SPARK Academy: Applications now open

    Sprint AI Training for African Medical Imaging Knowledge Translation (SPARK) is committed to empowering African data science communities and imaging researchers to develop deployable imaging diagnostic tools that can assist clinicians to provide high-value care and bridge the gap in the medical disparity between Africa and the rest of the world. SPARK is one of the…