MAI LAB is deeply committed to providing access to the best medical care and AI technology for all. Our goals, efforts, and willingness to go above and beyond are all based on a sense of a shared connected community and local ownership.


Dr. Abiodun Fatade, MBBSS, FWACS

Crestview Radiology, Lagos


Managing Director

Dr. Udunna Anazodo, Ph.D.

McGill University, Quebec


Scientific Director


Dr. Oluyemisi Toyobo, MBBSS, FWACS

Crestview Radiology, Lagos, Nigeria

Principal Investigator

Dr. Farouk Dako, MD, MPH

University of Pennsylvania

Affiliate Investigator

Dr. Iris Asllani, PhD

Rochester Institute of Technology

Affiliate Investigator

Prof. Danny Alexander, PhD

University College London

Affiliate Investigator


Maruf Adewole, MSc.

Radioxperts Nigeria

Lead Physicist/Manager

Anu Gbadamosi

Crestview Radiology, Lagos, Nigeria

Imaging and Informatics Scientist