Dear Esteemed Researcher,

We are delighted to contact you regarding an exciting opportunity to join us in the BraTS-Africa 2024 research collaboration. This is a part of our continuous effort to promote brain imaging research in Africa and improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders in the region.

BraTS-Africa is the first Brain Tumour Segmentation (BraTS) Challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa, launched in 2023 as a novel initiative to explore brain tumour characteristics and challenges in the African context. The 2023 challenge used a dataset of 95 MRI cases from 6 centres in Africa and attracted 18 participating teams from around the world.

For the 2024 challenge, we are seeking researchers based across Africa who have access to MRI facilities at their centres to share their anonymized brain MRI scans. Our goal is to create a larger and more diverse dataset that reflects the brain tumour variations and patterns in the African population.

We understand that extracting the data from the PACs can be challenging, but we are here to help. Just fill out this notice of intent form and we will guide you through the process. The Deadline to complete the notice of intent is January 20, 2024.

Why Participate? Your contribution will help advance brain tumour management in Africa and potentially save lives. You will be connected to a network of researchers and clinicians who share your passion and vision for improving healthcare in Africa. You will also receive acknowledgement in publications and collaborative projects through co-authorship, showcasing your centre’s dedication and leadership in the field.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We appreciate your interest and support, and we look forward to your valuable contribution.

Best regards,

Maruf Adewole

Project Coordinator,

Medical Artificial Intelligence Lab (MAI Lab)






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