Maruf Adewole, the Lead Physicist and Lab Manager at the Medical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Lagos, Nigeria, has won the International Trainee Prize at the 5th Annual Neuro Open Science in Action Symposium 2023. The prize recognizes his innovative work on creating a brain tumour imaging dataset from sub-Saharan Africa for machine learning applications.

Adewole’s project, titled “The Brain Tumour Segmentation (BraTS) Challenge for Sub-Saharan Africa”, aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours in low-resource settings by providing accurate and accessible segmentation of brain images. He developed a novel dataset of brain scans from patients with glioma.

Adewole’s work is part of a larger initiative called the Expanding BraTS Data to Capture African Populations (BraTS-Africa) project. The dataset was used to organize the first sub-Saharan Africa Brain Tumour Segmentation Challenge (BraTS-Africa) which was supported by the Lacuna Fund. BraTS is a global collaboration of researchers in computational imaging who are working together to advance the field of neuroimaging and neuro-oncology. BraTS provides and maintains the benchmark for deep learning algorithms for segmenting the sub-regions of brain tumour.

Adewole said he was honoured and humbled to receive the International Trainee Prize. “I am very grateful to The Neuro – Irv and Helga Cooper Foundation for this opportunity. It is a great recognition for my work, this is an inspiration for us in Africa to continue our pursuit towards advanced neuroimaging research on the continent till healthcare knows no boundaries” he said.

The International Trainee Prize was awarded on November 30 at The Open Science in Action Symposium 2023 at The Neuro in Montreal, Canada. The symposium featured speakers from leading international and local initiatives on open science, artificial intelligence, experimental verification, data sharing, reproducibility, inclusivity, and more. The symposium was organized by The Tanenbaum Open Science Institute at The Neuro.






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