Medical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MAI Lab) is committed to enabling AI solutions in resource-contained settings. This project aims to introduce cutting-edge research practices in Radiology to Residents while creating the Africa-BraTS dataset.

As the pilot project for AfNiA, Africa-BraTS dataset creation involves aggregation, curation and annotation of 300 Glioma cases arising in Sub-Saharan Africa. This International collaborative effort aims to present the dataset for the Brain Tumour Segmentation (BraTS) challenge later in the year. This will be the first time African data is featured in this 10-year running Challenge.

Ten (10) Annotators’ paid positions are available in 2023. Accepted Residents will carry our annotations on T1, T1CE, T2 and FLAIR MR images. The required segmentation includes Necrotic Core, Enhancing tumour and Peritumoral oedema in Glioma cases. This segmentation would be performed under the supervision of an Expert Neuroradiologist.

Click here to apply. The application deadline is 31st January 2023.

Selected annotators would be required to work on 30 cases each between Feb 17th and March 10 2023 and attend the training Symposium on Feb 13 and 14 2023.